Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

With the rise in popularity and the proliferation of drones, there is an entirely new world of flight at our fingertips. Penn Flight School, LLC would like to help you discover this new age of flight and better understand the regulations that may apply to your situation. The FAA is in the process of updating and rewriting rules for these systems, and we strive to provide current information.


Do I need a license and/or REGISTRATION to operate my drone?

Maybe. If your drone weighs more than .55 lbs, you are required to register your UAS with the FAA. If you operate solely for fun and personal use you are not required to poses a UAS license. If you are using the UAS in conjunction with a business in any way, you are required to have a Remote Pilot's License. If you are unsure of you situation please stop by today and we can discuss what maybe required to legally operate your drone. 

how do i get my license?

If you currently hold a valid US Pilot's certificate, excluding student pilot, and have a current Flight Review all that is needed is to take the FAA Safety course on part 107 Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems and fill out an IACRA application. Our flight instructors can then sign your application and complete the process.

If you do not hold a US Pilot's Certificate, then the process is slightly more complicated. You must pass an FAA knowledge test on airspace, weather, and other associated regulation to apply for your RPL. Once the knowledge test is completed, the IACRA application must be filled out and signed by a Certifying Officer, which includes all of our CFIs. Our staff can also help you prepare for the FAA knowledge test by discussing applicable material and regulations, as well as airspace and other pertinent information.


Flying for business

sUAS platforms offer a wide variety of options and potential uses for business operations. From Photography, videography, aerial mapping, surveying and other applications, sUAS provide a new and exciting avenue for individuals and small business. Operating a drone for higher requires a Remote Pilot License or someone with an RPL to supervise the operation of the drone. We are able to offer both training for a Remote Pilot's License as well as personnel to help operate sUAS. 


Flying for Pleasure

These same systems are also widely used for personal use. While you do not need a RPL to operate under these circumstance, you will still need to register your drone if it weighs more than .55 lbs. Stop by Penn Flight School, LLC and we would be happy to assist you in registering your drone.